Bike Fun is on hiatus through the end of 2021

Bike Fun will not be accepting new students or providing small group classes through the end of 2021. We will still be working with current students; however, in-person services will not be available until after December 15th & availability will be very limited. Please contact us for more information!

Middle Tennessee Bicycle Store Services & Hours

At the beginning of COVID-19 restrictions, Bike Fun compiled a non-canonical list of bicycle shops in the Middle Tennessee area and their safety requirements and protocols. At this point, many of the shop operations have returned to regular hours with customers permitted in the shops; however, parts & supplies remain elusive. Please bring a mask or face covering, especially for entry into smaller shops; if you feel sick, STAY HOME.

Welcome to Bike Fun

Bike Fun provides bicycle instruction for humans of all ages, sizes, and abilities. Learn about KJ's Instructor of the Year award and get on the Bike Fun schedule for 2022!

Whether you are a beginning rider or a more seasoned one; someone who is new to Nashville or who has been here a while; or someone who is simply curious and enthralled by becoming your own engine, Bike Fun can help you with one-on-one instruction or group classes tailored to your needs. Let us guide you towards becoming a more skilled, passionate bike rider. With two wheels, you can go anywhere.