Bike Kit List

What do you bring with you on a ride? It depends on how confident you are to make basic repairs; how far you are going; what are the weather conditions; and how familiar you are with the area.

At the very least, this is what I bring:

– seat bag (fits under saddle) – if you have a rack, you can add a pannier/saddlebag instead for more carrying capacity
– ID & credit card (if I know I’ll be stopping for lunch or something)
– tire levers (I prefer Pedro’s, they are nice and chunky)
– spare tube (make sure to get the correct stem style – Presta or Schrader – as well as the correct size)
– inflation method (can be on-bike pump or a CO2 cartridge – be forewarned, a tube inflated with CO2 will not stay inflated long-term and needs to be reinflated with O2 as soon as you get to an air pump)
– hand wipes (the kind from restaurants or a wing place are perfect)
– 1 or 2 rubber/vinyl gloves (so your hands don’t get gross when you’re changing a tire or dealing with a chain)
– mini-tool (it will have the hex wrenches you’ll need to make adjustments & minor repairs)
– couple of small bandages
– emergency snack(s) (a Gu gel will last a long time & help you if you start to bonk)

Bonus items:
– cash for purchases along the way (convenient marts etc) or to use as a tire boot (inner liner of tire) in case of a slash to the sidewall
– patch kit
– 1 or 2 electrolyte tablets (like Nuun or Skratch) to add to your water bottle
– 1 small ziplock bag to keep small items together
– 1 or 2 zipties

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